Safety Nets

Compared to other alternatives, safety nets are a cost effective solution.

The benefits of using Safety Nets

Installing safety nets on your construction site will give you peace of mind knowing that your site meets the Department of Labour Health & Safety best practice for working at height in New Zealand.

Safety nets allow greater mobility around a construction site with fewer restrictions, meaning your workers can move around safely with potential hazards minimised. This results in a more effective and efficient workflow with tasks being achieved more quickly.

Cost effective Zero waste Reusable

EXIN safety nets offer a cost effective zero waste reusable system using:

  • High tenacity knotless polypropylene square mesh 100mm x 100mm
  • Minimum breaking energy 2.3kJ (ISO1806)
  • 30KN border ropes
  • Identification labels
  • UV test meshes

New Zealand Health and Safety Act compliance

EXIN fall arrest safety nets are manufactured in Australia in accordance with the EN1263-1 standard. All materials used in the manufacturing process meet the specifications outlined in the European Standards EN 1263-1:2002.

Every safety net is traceable from the manufacture right through to construction sites they are installed on. Each net has a registration/identification number, net information and its history is kept in a company net register. Safety nets are tested annually to ensure they are compliant and every safety net is fitted with test tables to show they are fit for purpose.

All EXIN safety nets are installed by FASET trained installers to European standards and codes of practice.