About EXIN Safety Solutions

We are passionate about safety. To us safety is always number one.

EXIN Safety Solutions service the Bay of Plenty and Waikato regions and are New Zealand industry experts when it comes to working at heights offering safety nets, temporary fences and scaffolding.

Knowledge and experience

For over 15 years Shaun has been involved in the residential and commercial construction industry and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. Unfortunately, he has seen the consequences of a lack of focus on safety on construction sites, and this makes him even more determined to get out there and drive the safety message home.

Making a difference

We are proud to be business focused on supplying expert safety advice and cost-effective safety installations that meet the Department of Labour Health & Safety Best practice guidelines for working at height in New Zealand.

Offering a complete solution, EXIN safety nets, temporary fences and scaffolding systems are installed by qualified FASET trained professionals meeting European standards and codes of practice.